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At Beyond the Uniform, we are dedicated to supporting our police officers who want to protect and serve, while prioritizing a stronger connection within their families. 





Hi! I’m Katherine, I grew up in Philly, where my dad worked in Special Victims Unit for the Philadelphia Police Department. All my uncles and most cousins are (or were) also members of Philly PD.


Growing up, my mom always handed my dad his lunch, gave him a kiss and said “be careful”. It was real Beaver Cleaver status in my home. I don’t think my siblings and I ever fully grasped the importance of our dad’s job; but we knew he was on the news a lot, “going to court”, and at one point even meeting people like the President Of The United States. We also knew that we didn’t get to participate in bring your child to work day.


Most importantly, however, we knew that he was always there. We were very lucky and we had a very special upbringing. My dad's job rarely got in the way of his family time and we could always count on him to be at our shows, most holidays, and sporting events. And when he was there, he was present.

Now that I’m older and can comprehend what my dad and other family members saw and dealt with on daily basis, I am in awe of their strength and how lucky I am to have these men in my life. How blessed I am that my dad was able to navigate his job, husband & fatherly duties, and take care of himself, his family, and the people in his department.


During the riots on 2020, it came to my attention that this human side of these men and women is grossly overlooked and even ignored. As I watched people physically and verbally attack our police officers, as I experienced people I once loved participate and question me and my values for supporting police, my heart broke. My heart broke for our officers but especially for their families and loved ones. 


I began to have conversations with active and retired officers to see how I could be of service to them. What kept coming up is how special my relationship with my dad and our family was. I began to understand that, with all of the struggles and obstacles that officers are faced with, life at home was often forgotten or disregarded - unintentionally. It came up often that these officers didn’t actually know how to connect with their kids or their spouse because they didn’t have the proper tools, outlets, and resources.


So I am here to change that.


My mission is to help police officers, who want more connection at home with their families, by identifying priorities and values beyond the job, through events, resources, community, and connection.

If you’re an officer reading this, Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for everything that you do, everything that you put up with and everything that you put yourself through, in order to keep me and those I love (and even those I don’t) safe.





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