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Making the Holidays Magic asLaw Enforcement Family

Navigating the holidays when part of your family can’t be at home.

As law enforcement families, we know that the holidays can be difficult to navigate. First responders don’t always get to stay home and snuggle up around the tree just because it’s Christmas morning. This is a unique and disheartening bond that we share - but it doesn’t have to be. 


Our mission for this workshop is to help you and your family

create your own type of holiday magic. ​​

This is for you if you:

  • Are a LEO or married to a LEO


  • Have a family or are thinking about starting a family


  • Enjoy the holidays and want to create some fun holiday traditions

  • Feel alone or stressed around the holidays and want to feel joy instead

  • Want to feel supported by community


  • Understand the nuances of LEO family life

Date: Tuesday, November 21st

8pm EST
1 hour presentation + Q&A

This event will be hosted on Zoom and a link to the call will be provided.
If you can't make it live, a recording will be available!

Family party
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Jennifer Anderson, founder of First Responder Coaching, police wife, and mom.

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Katherine Boyle, founder of Beyond the Uniform and daughter of a police officer (@theltsdaughter)

Why did we put together this workshop?


The ongoing topic of discussion for the whole fam during the holidays consisted of:

Who was going to have to work on Christmas?

Who had to miss the annual Christmas Eve party for work?

Who was going to have to leave the party early?

Who was going to attend the party and then spend the rest of the night working?

Were they going to be in uniform?

Could my dad stay and play with our gifts or did he have to head out halfway through the day?

Who was able to get off and who wasn’t?

My dad went to great lengths to be as involved with our typical holiday festivities as he could be, as I'm sure your family does, too; but that is not always possible - especially in today’s world. As Law Enforcement families, finding the ways to highlight our unique dynamic and way of life - and making it special is crucial. 


We understand that it can be heartbreaking…


To have to tell your little ones that mom or dad can’t spend the holiday at home, unwrapping and assembling all the new toys.

Or that they have to split their time with work. 

That you and your spouse can't attend parties and gatherings together. 

Attending these parties alone, anticipating ongoing questions about where your spouse is, followed up with more questions about their job and the world today.

You don’t get to enjoy the exciting moment of putting the presents out together. 

But sometimes it is inevitable. 

We want to help you create your own special magic, traditions, and romanticize the life that you have - even when it feels taxing or heavy.


What you can expect:

  • Tactical tools that you can implement this year and for years to come to ensure a fun and special holiday experience

  • How to create your own traditions so that you can take away some of the pain of feeling like you or your kids are missing out on the ones we hear about all the time


  • Shared stories and experiences of what has work - and what hasn’t - from other law enforcement families


  • An open and safe space where you can share your frustrations or concerns and get support


What you will walk away with:

  • Holiday traditions that you can use to create new memories this year and for years to come.


  • Suggestions on how to make the little moments alone special.


  • A holiday game plan that feels good for you and your family.


  • Being surrounded by a community of law enforcement families who get it so you don’t feel so alone in this.

  • Learn tools used by other LE families that have filled their homes with holiday cheer, no matter the officer’s work schedule.

  • Get creative with what can make your lives and your kids’ holiday experiences special & filled with joy.

  • Walk away feeling supported by other couples and families who understand this struggle. 


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